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Club Foundation

The UWA Cricket Club Foundation (Foundation) was launched at the Foundation Dinner in December 2001 and there are 31 Foundation Members.


The Foundation was established to ensure the long-term financial security of the Club with the capital to be invested and the income derived from the investment made available to the Club to fund and assist the Club in being a successful Western Australian Premier Cricket Club.


In particular, the interest from the capital is intended to fast-track the development of talented young players which may take the form of a scholarship or coaching assistance.


The Inverarity Scholarship is funded by the Foundation and past recipients include Andrew James, Geoff Cullen, Sam Hogg, Viv Paver and Will Bosisto.

The Foundation has invested the funds with UWA since 2002.

Tony Fairweather is the Foundation Chair.

To make a tax deductible donation to the Foundation, download and complete the form below:




​If you require any further information, wish to discuss payment options, or wish to set up annual donations or a bequest, please contact Tony who will be in touch to discuss.

Tony Fairweather

0407 198 795

The Foundation Members are:

‐ Stephen Atkinson
‐ Christian Bauer
‐ Phillip Clifford
‐ Rod Eddington
‐ Tony Fairweather
‐ Geoff Fernie
‐ Cliff Fitzpatrick
‐ Robert Gartrell
‐ Peter Green
‐ Ian Hewett
‐ Craig Lubich
‐ John Meyer
‐ Sanjay Nadkarni
‐ Paul Nicholls
‐ The Palmer Family
‐ John & Cameron Pearce
‐ Kevan Penter
‐ Michael & Tom Perrott
‐ The Robinson Family
‐ Winton Willesee
‐ David Williams
‐ Mark Foster
‐ The Hilton Family
‐ Tony King
‐ David McFerran
‐ Richard Vaughan
‐ Michael Anghie
‐ Andrew & Michael Beech
‐ Richard Charlesworth
‐ Gregory Gabbedy

- John Townsend

- Mick Mickel

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