Annual Awards

Richard Morgan Memorial Award:

Best First Year Player

Meaning of the Award

The Richard Morgan Memorial Award is awarded to the best first year player at the club and named after former University Cricketer Richard Morgan.


On the night before the second day’s play of the match against Wanneroo at
James Oval in 1991-92 University’s fast bowler Richard Morgan accidentally
fell from the tower of St George’s College and was fatally injured.  He had
come to the club from Northam via Aquinas College and had made an immediate
impact with his pace bowling, achieving fearsome pace from a very short run
up.  On the first day of the match against Wanneroo he had the outstanding
future WA and Test batsman Damien Martyn caught behind for a duck, which had
been his only wicket for the innings.  He had been the top student in his
first year of Agricultural Science in 1989 and was about to start on his
honours year.  At the end of the season the club’s committee decided to
present a memorial award in Richard Morgan’s name to the best first year
player.  It is a perpetual trophy which features a stump that had been
broken by Morgan at training. 

The first winner was leg-spinner Tim Silinger, and some other winners who
have had significant careers with the club include Brad Hart, Matthew
Healey, Chis Rogers, Paul St Quintin, David Penter, Brett Jones, Scott
Marshall, Craig King, Viv Paver, Ashton Agar, David Moody and Josh
Dallimore.  The award was shared for the first time in 2017-18, with
Mitchell Drennan and Bailey Richards named as the joint winners. 


1991-92 Tim Silinger

1992-93 Chris Ward

1993-94 David Else

1994-95 Brad Hart

1995-96 Matthew Healey

1996-97 Chris Rogers

1997-98 Paul St Quintin

1998-99 Don Monley

1999-2000 Adrian Marshall

2000-01 David Penter

2001-02 Brett Jones

2002-03 Warwick Height

2003-04 Scott Marshall

2004-05 Stefan Gooch

2005-06 Sam Hogg

2006-07 Craig King

2007-08 Viv Paver

2008-09 Andrew Cameron

2009-10 Steven Lukan

2010-11 David MacLeay

2011-12 Andrew Holder

2012-13 Ashton Agar

2013-14 David Moody

2014-15 Josh Dallimore

2015-16 Nick Maiolo

2016-17 Matthew Christie

2017-18 Mitchell Drennan & Bailey Richards

2018-19 Chris Sabburg

2019-20 Jay Chislett

2020-21 Charles Stobo

Charles Stobo

202021 Winner of

 Richard Morgan Memorial Award

Bauer-Meyer Award Perpetual Trophy

Best Clubman


2020-21 Mitchell Rosher

Meaning of the Award

The Bauer-Meyer Award is a recently created Perpetual Trophy which is awarded to the person on the playing list deemed to be the embodiment of the best clubman / off-field contributor during the season.


The award has been named after Christian Bauer and John Meyer, two individuals who have had made phenomenal and sustained yet very different contributions to the club over the past 50 years.

Annual Batting & Bowling

Aggregate Awards

The Club's annual Batting and Bowling Aggregate trophies are named after former significant cricketers who played at the club. The trophies have been named in this way since the 1970's and carry great prestige.


The award winners are announced at the club's annual awards night, which is typically held in April.

The Awards are named as follows:


First Grade RJ Inverarity;

Second Grade JW Rutherford;

Third Grade JT Irvine;

Fourth Grade LM Sawle


First Grade RB Strauss;

Second Grade RK Gray;

Third Grade AL Mann;

Fourth Grade RW Marsh

John Inverarity:

First Grade Premiership Winning Captain and Club Legend

Other Annual Awards

Best Clubman Award

2017-18: Noel Raymond

2018-19: Mitchell Rosher

2019-20: Bernard Greyling


2017-18 Coaches Award: Tom Balkwill

2017-18 Most Improved: David Aldridge

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